Attention - Youth Summit Postponement

In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, Indy Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative Inc. (IYEI) has made the diffiult decision to postpone the 2020 Indy Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Pitchfest. We appreciate all of the support we have received while planning and promoting this event. Please visit our programs page to learn more about our current programming opportunities.

Cultivating Indy's next generation of community, industry, and business leaders Through Entreprneurship

Inspiring Youth To Live Out Their Purpose

Indy Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative Inc. (IYEI) is a youth outreach program committed to inspiring youth living in Indy’s underserved communities to live out their purpose in life and career. Our mission is to empower youth living in Indy’s underserved communities to develop businesses and seek out opportunities that spark their interests, utilize their skills, give back to their community, and place them on the path to lasting economic self-sufficiency.

Transforming Indy's Underserved Communities

IYEI's goal is to transform Indy’s underserved communities by empowering youth within those communities to become entrepreneurial problem-solvers rooted in purpose. We believe that helping youth discover their purpose and teaching them entrepreneurial problem-solving skills are the keys to developing a generation of ethical leaders capable of addressing the issues affecting underserved communities.

The People Behind Our Mission

IYEI is made possible by a team of community partners and volunteers who share the vision of empowering youth to become entrepreneurial problem-solvers rooted in purpose. Many of us have always had a passion for helping youth and IYEI gives us another opportunity to help shape the world we will leave behind one day.

Help Us Make An Impact

Whether it's a donation of time or money, every success IYEI has involves our volunteers. It takes everyday people to make it all work, and we're grateful for the role that the community has in helping us make a difference in the lives of Indy's underserved youth. Interested in being a part of that impact? We’d love to have your support!