Our Philosophy

We believe the key to long-lasting change in underserved communities is helping the people of those communities find their purpose. Once a person finds their purpose, they want to better their life and the lives of those around them. We believe entrepreneurs are our world's greatest example of this phenomenon. They are bold risk-takers who develop creative ways to generate income to sustain themselves and the businesses they create solve problems within the communities they serve. For us entrepreneurship is the perfect model for living a life of purpose and the four ways purpose manifests itself in a person's life: passion, mission, vocation, and profession. We call these manifestations the four elements of purpose.

  1. Purpose Requires Passion:   Passion adds meaning to your life by connecting what you're good at to what you love to do.
  2. Purpose Requires Mission:   Mission allows you to help others by connecting what you love to do to the needs of your community.
  3. Purpose Requires Vocation:   Vocation fosters creativity by connecting the needs of your community to the way you make a living.
  4. Purpose Requires Profession:   Profession promotes self-sustainability by connecting the way you make a living to what you're good at.

Our program is based on these elements and the overlapping way that they interact in a person's life is the inspiration for our symbol. Purpose isn't just a word to us, it's a gateway to opportunity that can impact and redirect the lives of youth — especially youth living in underserved communities. We believe that helping youth discover their purpose and teaching them entrepreneurial problem-solving skills are the keys to developing a generation of ethical leaders capable of addressing the issues affecting underserved communities. We focus our programming on helping youth identify the natural entrepreneurial skills they possess. We then provide opportunities that challenge them to further develop these skills and show them how they relate to their purpose.