The People Behind Our Mission

IYEI is made possible by a team of community partners and volunteers who share the vision of empowering youth to become entrepreneurial problem solvers rooted in purpose. Many of us have always had a passion for helping youth and IYEI gives us another opportunity to help shape the world we will leave behind one day.

Tiffany Atkinson

Tiffany Atkinson is the Founder and CEO of IYEI and the Indianapolis based branding and marketing agency Tagd Studio. Tiffany has spent the last six years of her professional career helping organizations define their purpose to better connect them to the people they serve. Tiffany's passion for people helps IYEI build relationships with like-minded community organizations and spread our mission to gain supporters.

Immanuel Ivey

Immanuel Ivey is the Micro-Enterprise Director of the Community Solutions and Entrepreneurship Center at Edna Martin Christian Center. Immanuel has spent the last decade of his professional career building youth entrepreneurial programs and spearheading businesses across various industries. Immanuel's wealth of knowledge helps IYEI stay focused on objectives while managing operations.

Alex Pettigrew

Alex Pettigrew is currently an Urban Agriculture Educator for Purdue Extension-Marion County where her work focuses on urban livestock. A graduate of Purdue University, Alex holds degrees in Animal Sciences and Youth Development and Agricultural Education. Alex's unique perspective and passion for teaching STEM through agriculture helps IYEI maintain a fresh and experimental approach in our programming activities.

Tiffany Robinson

Tiffany Robinson is the Director of Life Coaching Operations at Inner Beauty Program. Tiffany's has spent the last decade of her professional career serving in a variety of roles in the public health sector, including as a certified life coach, certified trauma specialist, and entrepreneur. Tiffany's commitment to teaching and empowering people to overcome trauma helps IYEI ensure that we keep the needs and daily lives of those we serve as our focus.

Jasheena Shelton

Jasheena Shelton is the Founder of B.A.K.I. Life Management and Co-founder of the L.A.S.E.R. Project. Jasheena leads interpersonal seminars, workshops, and trainings that focus on helping youth and families identify and embrace what they can learn from their current circumstances. Jasheena's dedication to overcoming community and educational barriers helps IYEI ensure inclusivity in our programming eligibility requirements and application processes.